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Demonstrations & Activities 2016

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# Studio Sat. Mar 5th,
Sun. Mar 6th,
Activity/Demonstration Description
4 Zoë Evamy - BIG Rock Artist Collective   1pm-2:30pm

Zoë Evamy will demonstrate the expressive nature of watercolour as a way of thinking and problem solving. See how she enjoys using the fluid medium in unpredictable ways!

 4 Toby Jaxon - BIG Rock Artist Collective 11am-12:30pm   Toby Jaxon will demonstrate her ‘Go with the Flow’ painting technique – adjacent progressions of poured liquid acrylics in vibrant colours that flood over the deep canvas edges. The ensuing landscapes and florals are graphic, spirited and playful…see how they are a blast to create!
4 Fran Solar - BIG Rock Artist Collective   11am-12:30pm

Metal artist Fran Solar will guide you on how to create your own small metal-woven wall hanging mounted on stainless steel mesh, all materials provided, limit of 6 participants.

4 Susan Remnant & Maciek Walentowicz - BIG Rock Artist Collective 2pm-3pm  

Artists Susan Remnant and Maciek Walentowicz will share their creative knowledge and take you through a journey of discovery in jewellery design. Learn about various metal trade methods and tools.


10 Silk Purse Arts Centre 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

The West Vancouver Community Arts Council presents West Van artist Valerie Raynard live in the Silk Purse Arts Centre demonstrating her exquisitely detailed and excitingly designed painting and drawing techniques. This talented young artist draws inspiration from the gnarled wood & lush foliage of the West Coast. Learn about her inspiration and pick up a technique or two. 

Be sure to check out her exhibit Wild Wood in the Gallery from Feb. 16-Mar. 6

12 Eva Francis Studio 11:30am-1pm 11:30am-1pm

Eva Francis will demonstrate painting with encaustics - the process of of working with  molten beeswax on birchwood panels.

 16 Sandrine Pellisier Studio 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

Zentangle Rocks! We will have fun drawing and doodling on pebbles to embellish them. Why not make a few of them and display them in a bowl. No drawing skills necessary, everybody can do it, I will provide all materials and simple patterns ideas. This activity is fun for kids as well.

18 Sharka Leigh Studio 10am-3pm 10am-3pm

Distress Ink + Die Cut = Your Own Personal Greeting Card! Come and make a greeting card using Distress Inks and die cut paper. Similar to watercolour, inks are certainly on trend right now. It's always a surprise what it’s going to look like in the end which is the fun part! No experience needed.


19 Mariana Sola - Studios at 1515 Pemberton (Suite 204) 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

An activity for kids of all ages! Using recycled styrofoam you will make a printing block and print your image in a paper that can be used as a card or you can frame it!

20 Majid Sheikh Akbari - Persian Cultural & Art Institute Association 10am-5pm 10am-5pm Majid will demonstrate with a slideshow how he sees each building as a piece of art/public art and how art can play an important role in architecture.
 23 Wanda Doyle - 161 Pemberton Art Studios, Studio E 10am-4pm 10am-4pm Whether you are new to acrylic painting or a seasoned professional, you are invited to add to the group project and enter the free prize draw for a chance to win the finished painting!  Fun is guaranteed!
 23 Sheree Jones - 161 Pemberton Art Studios, Studio F 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

Join Sheree in her working/teaching studio for lively art discussions, and enter to win one of her original oil paintings. 

27 Lorn Curry and Warren Oneschuk - Copping Street Art Studio 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

Join artist Warren Oneschuk and chat with the artist as he demonstrates his multi-step process for creating his vibrant and captivating paintings.

Also, while at the studio, enter a free draw for a chance to win an original oil painting by artist Lorn Curry.

31 CityScape Community Art Space 1:30pm-4:30pm 1:30pm-4:30pm

Debbie Lelievre, one of 6 accomplished artists in the Child's Play exhibition is drawn to the eccentrics, who, like her, see the world in a different way. Debbie will be onlsite at CityScape Community Art Space to talk about her adorable mixed media birds, and will demonstrate her drawing techniques. She finds incredible bliss creating unique characters born out of her mind and inspired from her friends, acquaintances, and strangers. 


55 Cath Hughes - Cath Hughes Studio 2pm-3pm 2pm-3pm Push the boundaries with oil paint. I will be demonstrating how I combine traditional and contemporary approaches to using oil paint. Expect to see expressive use of paint and mark making as I love to use glazes, dripping paint and thick impasto together, as well as explore different tools for applying paint such as squeegees, knives, spatulas and even syringes, as well as a whole range of brushes.


56 Alice Bottrill - Alice's Studio 1pm-3pm 1pm-3pm

Come and share some fun of watching Alice's demonstration of a simply but exciting way of painting.  She will show you how to use your imagination to capture the abstract pattern of a painting when water interact with the pigments and follow your intuition to create reality elements through the awareness of light and dark values.

60 Wendy Van Riesen - Wendy Van Riesen Studio 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

Print you own scarf! Interested participants will transfer sublimation dye images onto a 30" x 45" scarf.

Fee: $20.00 per scarf



Participants: If you will be conducting demonstrations during the Art Crawl, please write to the Event Coordinator with the details (dates, times, address) and pictures and we will post it here.

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